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This is Irlianna. She is 62 years old and has been doing Bikram Yoga for 9 years under my instruction. She is my first student at Hot Yoga Sanford to do the 30-day Challenge. The 30-day Challenge is a commitment to do class every day of the week except one for a period of 30 days. She has done amazing! On the last day of her challenge she cried. She pretty much breezed through it and didn't want it to end. So she decided to push it to 40 days. She said she was definitely feeling the challenge after 40 days, but still felt the need for more and pushed it to a 60-day challenge.

I have seen huge improvements in her posture and muscle control. She looks better than she ever has in all my years teaching her. She has been and inspiration to me and many other students. It has been a pleasure to take this journey with her. And she won't stop here. She will continue to treat her body with respect and dignity.

Here is what Irlianna had to say about this experience. "My first Bikram class was in 2011 in Longwood. In the past I did 2-3 times a week. There were gaps of time in practice. A year and a half where I didn't come. I was working two jobs and such. But one thing I clearly remember: I always carried in my memory exactly how many months had passed since I was there. Like the movie Love Actually, when Alan Rickman asks Laura Linney, how long have u been in love with Carl? She says something like one year, eight months, two days, six hours and 41 minutes. That's how it was for me in the gaps when I didn't come. I always kept the tab. When I finally would show up, I'd announce that at the front desk. That to me is a testament to the impact Bikram has had on my life. No matter how long the gap its impact is unforgettable. I have been practicing yoga 29 years. Although all yoga is great, no other style of yoga has had that kind of affect as Bikram.

As an astrologer navigating this game-changing year called 2020, I knew this a critical time to be doing deeply transformative work. I have always wanted to do the Bikram Challenge. So when I saw the astrological weather coming up for fall, I knew that if EVER there was a time to do the Bikram Challenge it was NOW! I'm using my Bikram practice to reinvent myself from the inside out, and to powerfully navigate my life, and it’s been truly extraordinary."

If you’re interested in learning about astrology and what’s ahead, contact Irlianna at You can also listen to her weekly podcast, “StarSound Speaks” on iTunes and Spotify.

Visit her site at

Congratulations Irlianna!

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