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Wednesdays are online virtual classes. To attend a virtual class, please call me the day of or evening before class to schedule and make payment. If your credit card is already on file, you can simply text. You'll need a smart phone, tablet or laptop with a working camera and speaker. Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app. After you've made payment, you'll be emailed a link about an half hour to hour before class to log into the class. The link will automatically open the app and most likely (if it's your first time using Zoom) ask permission to use your camera and mic. We go live 30 minutes before class start time. Try to log in at that time so we can get everybody positioned correctly and start on time. Point your device's camera at you during class so that you are visible from head to toe. The instructor can see you and offer corrections as needed. It's just as if you were in the studio. Make sure your device is plugged in or has a fully charged battery to handle 2 hours of video conferencing. (Be aware that extra data charges may apply. Check with your mobile or internet provider if you're unsure.) The Bikram Method yoga is a 90 minute eye open meditation. The dialog and teacher guide you through 26 postures and 2 deep breath exercises. Normally the room is heated. If you can heat the room you are in, that would be preferred. You can also practice on your pool deck on a hot day or in a shed or garage. A carpet floor is best. If you're on tile or concrete, try to double up your mat or towels to separate you from the floor as much as possible as those surfaces will draw moisture from your body. It's not necessary, but helpful to practice in front of a mirror. If outside, you can use a glass slider for your reflection. We start class with a standing deep breathing exercise that is good for your lungs and respiratory system. It also increases the oxygen in your body and warms you up from the inside out. We continue class with 26 postures. We end class with a breathing exercise that cools your body from the inside out and detoxifies the body and strengthens your abdominal muscles. 

Class requires a mat, a towel to cover your mat, and water.  It's best to wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that you can move around in, but also clothes that are lightweight and cooling. Men must wear at least two layers of bottoms. 

Seven benefits for heating your room if possible:

1. It helps deliver more blood to the muscles

2. It helps with concentration

3. It aids in detoxification

4. Makes muscles more elastic, less susceptible to injury

5. Improves coordination

6. Reduces heart irregularities associated
with sudden exercise

7. Burns fats more easily

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